Codima is a company specialized in transformation of thermoplastics and component compounding, including a solid experience in line production and a clear vocation for innovation and new technologies. Always with the purpose of offering the best service, quality and confidentiality to our clients, national or international.

With this as our main target and always relying on our magnificent human team, dynamic and highly qualified; involved in a constant formation process, we have been able to reach the Quality Certificate IATF 16949:2016.

Our primary market is the automotive sector. We rely on an extended range of machinery with different capacity that grant us optimal conditions for our plastic part production. Always in touch with the newest technology.

We are situated in a modern and developed industrial state (Can Calderón, 50 m away from exit “Sant Boi Sur- Viladecans Norte” highway C·32) located in Sant Boi de Llobregat, only 10 km. away from Barcelona. Our industrial facilities extend over 2200 m2, which include 1800 m2 of factory and 400 m2 for offices. We also dispose of a daily transport service.


Our injection service, structured homogeneously by work kinds. We provide all the requested tools and machines needed for producing any kind of tool with an extended variety of technic plastics for satisfying the most demanding requirements from our customers.


Our injection system is based on the resultant application of norm IATF 16949:2016. Keeping it up to date is one of our primary targets, which we always satisfy. That gives our customers a productive result that accomplish what they expect from us, day to day. Basing it through the implementation of a quality control system in every technical process. Everything always submitted to the continuously tracking of the Quality Department


With the target of satisfying the needs of our customers, national and international, we assume the full responsibility of developing every project requested. Starting with the technical studies until reaching the series production.